I am Rinse, the pd2rf, the interest in the hobby started at the age of 11 (now i am almost 53) From my parents i got 2 Walkie Talkie's with a normal range of 50 to 100 metres, after doing some modifications to them the reange became arround 500 metres, in that year i had my first qso with an Italian station by using these Handy, i was asking myself what more could be possible and i deceided to buy my first transceiver, it was a 12 channel AM transceiver and the output power was only 5 Watt's, enough to give disturbance on radio and television broadcasts, after that i bought my first SSB transceiver with a output power of 12 Watt's, What a great little rig. After that period i owned several HF transceivers, and pirated on many different frequency's for a long period.

Till 1995 i was not interested to become a serious ham operator but in that year i started to learn for my license, but disinterest in the study and 2 metres and 70 cm resulted in no license. It was october 2015 when i decided to go for the license, thx to pa9rf, Jack and pd0lwa, Koos.

The result of that is that i am licensed since March 11, 2016 so that is quite along time i think, hi!!!

Time to go for the dx on 20 and 40 metres!!

On FaceBook you can contact me by clicking following link: https://www.facebook.com/PD2RF
APRS info: PD2RF-7

Also busy on: http://www.qrzcq.com

Last but not least my used products to make some noise at the frequency:

Icom IC 7400
Comet for 2 and 70.
ZS6BKW for 40, 20 and 10 M.